A region rich in colours

Welcome to Languedoc Roussillon region

The new port is surrounded by ponds and sea, 13 kms of sandy, the Robine canal joined the channel of the South through the heart of Narbonne, charming city to visit.
The small resort of Port the new's family, 6000 inhabitants in the year to spend the summer to 30000.
The city boasts the 3rd fishing harbour and trade in the Mediterranean, of a major cement plant Lafarge, source of jobs for the town.

There are also many other things to discover:

  • The island of Nadiere (former fishing village): located in the pond, at halfway between the Village and St. Lucia.
  • The island of St. Lucia: the feast of the senses... a world apart, a garden, an aviary, an animal park.
  • The Tower of old news: dating from 1589, she served as an outpost of Watchtower located in Grau of Gruissan, on the beach is 6 km.
  • Tourist and gourmet route: the road of winegrowers and fishermen.
  • The Massif of la Clape (pile of stones in occitan) located between Gruissan and Narbonne was originally an island, we see a variety of animals (foxes, hares, badgers, eagles, Grand Dukes, storks...).
  • City of Carcassonne with its magnificent ramparts about 78 KMS.

You can also in the region visit the Cathar castles: Peyrepertuse, Quéribus (approximately 80 kms), Lastours (96 kms), Puivert (126 km), Foix (188 km).
And yet,.

  • The wind farm (4 kms): the most important of France.
  • Cape Town Rosemary 3 kms: you will be spellbound by the intoxicating smell of the flower beds of thyme and Rosemary and the extraordinary panorama which will be offered to you.
  • Terra Vinea - cellars Rocbere: 12 kms from Port-la-Nouvelle and 80 m underground in the bowels of the Corbières, a guided tour that takes back you 2000 years earlier!
  • The African Reserve: about 200 ha of Languedoc garrigue interspersed ponds, Sigean Wildlife Park brings together more than 2000 animals originating from all 5 continents.